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District 37 Map
District 37 Map

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June 5, 2012
On SpaceX
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has raised some issues about the impact of the proposed SpaceX launch facility on local wildlife. I raised similar concerns at the first public hearing on the environmental impact.
Here is the full report submitted by TPWD.

Congratulations to Carling Technologies and TSC
79 new and current workers in Brownsville will have their skills upgraded, thanks to a Skills Development Fund grant. As one of the legislative creators of the program, I'm proud to see a Brownsville business being helped by the state-funded program. (Read More)

STAAR Test results will not factor in 2012 school grades
Rep. Oliveira Addresses Future of Electrical Needs February 9, 2012

At an electricity hearing in Austin today, state officials told me that if the drought continues, Texans will have to conserve electricity this summer. If things don't change, by 2014 demand for electricity at peak times could exceed the power we will have available. Here is my brief, video report on the hearing: Click here.

If you want to see the fr> Valley Gains Additional Texas House Seat Under Court-Ordered Plan
You have probably heard the news that a federal court in San Antonio has a proposed a new redistricting map for the Texas House. The new map, which is likely to be used in the upcoming election, gives the Valley another seat in the Texas House. Republican legislators ignored the growth in the Valley and the Voting Rights Act when they drew these maps earlier this year. Here is the write-up on the new maps.


Get E-Ma on Texas elections and voter registration, please visit
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